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             Dental implants are the replacement of lost tooth roots with titanium-manufactured materials. Which can fit the human body well designed to be attached to the jaw of the patient. Will be implanted in the position of the loss of natural roots the implants will support the fixed or removable teeth, which can be used to grind food as efficiently as natural teeth.

Types of implants

              Generally, dental implants are divided into 2 types which are general implantation and implantation after immediate tooth extraction by implants immediately after the tooth extraction In some cases, the crown or bridge can be worn to the patient at the same time (Instant implantation with dental crowns).

             We will know that what type of implant is best for us? It depends on the dentist’s discretion. An evaluation of bone conditions combined with X-ray diagnosis And / or CT X-ray (CT SCAN) images to provide patients with the most appropriate and optimal treatment.


1. General implants

This type of rooting is a common practice. Can be done in almost all cases this type of implant can be implanted to replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth, or whole mouth. Generally, implants are divided into 2 steps. The distance between each steps is about 2-6 months.

General implantation can be done in the jawbone of most patients. But in some cases the jawbone patients are thinner than usual or the loss of bone in the implant area a dentist may consider having the bone implanted before undergoing dental implants. So that the bones in the area are thick and strong enough to support implants.


2. Instant implantation

              Instant implantation also known as one day implants, implants are implanted immediately after tooth extraction. In some cases, the patient may be able to cover or bridge the teeth on the implants as well at the dentist’s discretion in most cases, immediate implantation is only suitable for patients with good jawbone.


3. Instant implants with crowns

               Is a dental crown / bridge both temporary and permanent on dental implants to insert the crown / bridge immediately Can be combined with general implants and instant implants depending on the discretion of the dentist. Which is usually suitable for patients with good jawbone conditions.

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