Orthodontic Review

                Orthodontic is a branch of dentistry which involves fixing the teeth and jaw in the wrong position misaligned teeth and intertwined teeth will make it difficult to clean. And there is a risk of premature tooth loss due to tooth decay and gum disease It also causes pressure on the muscles that are used to chew, which can cause headache. Pain in the joints, jaw, neck, shoulders and back can result. Teeth that are protruding or not in the right position can also damage your personality.

Orthodontics review case such as below picture,

รีวิวจัดฟัน - Orthodontic Review_05
รีวิวจัดฟัน - Orthodontic Review_09
White Teeth-จัดฟัน01
White Teeth-จัดฟัน02
รีวิวจัดฟัน - Orthodontic Review_03
White Teeth-จัดฟัน03
White Teeth-จัดฟัน04
White Teeth-จัดฟัน06


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