White Teeth Dental Clinic at Rayong

A clinic that covers all aspects of dentistry (Specialized Dental Clinic) : Orthodontics, Invisalign, Implants, Veneers, Dentures, Wisdom Tooth Removal, Crowns, Endodontic Treatment, Pediatric Dentistry

White Teeth Dental Clinic : We takes care of the beauty of smiles and cleans everyone’s oral health by a team of specialized dentists. and a dedicated team to provide clean and safe necessary tools. Will take care of both smiles for everyone with healthy teeth for the question that X-ray digital, X-ray 3D (CBCT) so that the treatment is detailed and precise in order to get the results of the treatment that come out the best.

Our mission and comprehensive for White Teeth dental clinic;

1. Caring and helping each other

2.Maintaining cleanliness standards

3. Gather a team of specialized dentists, such as letting the implant (Implant) root canal treatment forget the forgotten teeth.

4.Meet with digital systems and tools

White Teeth Dental Clinic provides for a complete range of dentistry such as orthodontics, dental work, tooth extraction, fillings, Implants, Dentures, root canal treatment (RCT), Veneers, Crowns. We have the X-Ray CBCT tools that investigate your symptom. The best of technology ready to serve our client.


คลินิกทันตกรรมไวท์ทีธ-ทำฟัน จัดฟัน ทำฟันระยอง รากเทียม ฟันปลอม White Teeth Dental Clinic

            White Teeth Dental Clinic, Our aim is to provide complete dental services covering all oral and dental services and we are ready to move forward to be a modern dentist in Rayong all the time, we have grown to provide international facilities. for us to be one of the most comprehensive dental service providers

Our team and dentists are committed to providing good service and treatment. by focusing on providing knowledge and understanding of treatment to service users Services that focus on transparency, emphasizing on providing understanding and giving options to service users.


Google Map for the both branches : Location

Facebook Amper Muang branch : White Teeth Dental Clinic – A.Muang branch

Facebook Banchang branch : White Teeth Dental Clinic – Banchang branch

Ensure service with WhiteTeeth Dental Clinic


Implant and crown by expertise dentist

Dental insurance partner

There are dental insurance partner with White Teeth, no need to pay or claim, if you come here.

X-Ray CBCT Machine

Tools and equipment and modern X-Ray CBCT machines allow dentists to treat accurately.

Specific dentist team

Our dentist team are dedicated in providing specific dental services which famous certified in Thailand dentists.

Success Stories


This patient has completed orthodontic treatment from another dental clinic but still lacks confidence due to visible white spots and yellowish shades in the anterior teeth. Therefore, eight composite veneers were fabricated and delivered by our dental specialists to rejuvenate her smile and bring back her confidence without interfering her normal eating habits.

#We are proud to be a part of your smile.


Orthodontics : We strive to take patients to get a lot of dental benefits from our service.

Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening is suitable for people of all ages and is an alternative choice for those who want white teeth or a brighter smile without having to do extensive restorations. This can be in-office bleaching or at home bleaching.

#We are proud to be a part of your smile.

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White Teeth Dental Clinic "Because of your smile is our smile."