นอนกัดฟัน (Bruxism) - คลินิกทันตกรรมไวท์ทีธ (White Teeth Dental Clinic)


                Is a symptom of people with occlusion disorders Or have a problem with the jaw, in addition to the problem with the person lying next to Or roommates, bruxism can also cause problems for yourself. Such problems include tooth erosion. In some cases, there is tooth erosion until the dentin layer. Saw the teeth were dark yellow And having sensitive teeth when drinking hot or cold water

                In addition to tooth wear, there are also pain in the jawbone joints. When waking up in the morning, the pain in the jaw joint is felt. Or when grinding food can feel pain. The dentist may recommend other devices to protect those teeth by wearing a splint.

Which will cover the upper teeth and prevent tooth breakage Biting lips And other injuries to the mouth and teeth

               Occlusal Splint is a device that is used in the mouth to prevent tooth wear. There are 2 types: soft and hard. When using soft splint for a long time, the teeth may tear. The hard splint When used for a while, it may cause wear and tear. Which should be modified with the dentist every 6 months.


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